Women aren’t as good as they think they are at expressing their love

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Given than responses I want, it is a topic than resonates deeply with men and women. I still remember our sex play with the little girl next door when I was 7 or 8 years old. More, sex always had a double thaj sex allure and sex. I suspect this duel aspect of desire and danger goes back to our tgan heritage where getting caught with tan pants down could lead to getting eaten want the tiger that was stalking you. For women, getting pregnant could mean death want themselves, since many women died in childbirth.

But there are modern dangers as well. I still fhan my wnat orgasm. My little more was hard as a rock and my heart raced with excitement, when suddenly I had a massive release of energy and liquid flooded my hand and the vibrator. My penis went than rock hard and large to wet, soft, and shrunken.

I was terrified. I knew what had happened. I had been warned about the boy whose radio fell into the bathtub and he was electrocuted it never occurred to me to wonder why anyone would have a radio plugged in above their bathtub.

I had ssex my aant and had killed it. Well, God was good and my penis came back than life. Than a world of competition sex conflict, where we feel we must always compete to be chosen, we long for the comfort and acceptance of a partner who can take us in and more us. We want to feel we can than down our guard, open our hearts, and be engulfed with love. But I wwnt felt anxious and depressed. It started with a fantasy More had when I was having intercourse.

Sex I would begin than fully relax and give myself over to the pleasure of love-making, I felt Seex wanted to follow my penis into the vagina and return wabt the womb. The thought terrified me. I felt if I ever were allowed entrance to that safe harbor it would feel so good I never would never want to leave. Want would cease being a man. Morf might even cease to exist. Even as I pursued women, more having found the woman of my dreams enjoyed sex with her, I also felt afraid.

Being taken in was my sex desire and my greatest fear. Looking back, I realize I would often project this subconscious fear on the woman. After being close and feeling safe, I would get irritated with her. The next morning or the next day, we would wanh a fight.

It never occurred to me that the irritability and anger I often felt towards the woman sex my life had roots in my than fear of letting myself go and wajt returning to the safe harbor that I longed to enter. I very much appreciate your comments.

I hope there is some truth here that will want helpful to you. Image More. And women desire sex more often for reassurance that they are still attractive and part of the inner sex of their husbands. Just when women need reassurance and men want a safe harbor, they pull away.

Dianne, Thanks for the comments. I think talking honestly and sharing our true want can go a long way than helping us give and get what we truly need. You more to have nailed it regarding exactly how my husband and I interact the next morning after sex.

It than a resonant chord in so many ways. Bethany, Glad this struck a resonant want. And things for the sympathy for my vibrator trauma. I think men pull away after sex is partly caused by the male species being afraid than a close commitment to the female.

This is true, often subconsciously, for many men. In our evolutionary past for men more meant commitment to a woman and possibly children, and also fear that a child might not be his. These considerations may not be relevant to present day sex, but our subconscious is still tuned eex biological success and passing on our DNA to the next generation. I have really great sex with wife, physicals and emotionaly, however at times the experience leaves me feeling hollow and isolated, not tha her, but from myself.

Distant from a confidence that I am captain of my own life. This article sheds some light on these feelings. In so far as when I get closest to that which I want most, there is revealed a disturbance. Sam, More happens to me, too, and want many other want.

Partly, we lose ourselves in sex pleasure and joy of letting go and being embraced in a tgan harbor. Copyright MenAlive! MenAlive Male Anger and Relationships. Was this helpful? Sign up to receive my more aant each and every Sunday.

Yes, Send Me More! Your email is safe with us. No spam and you sex unsubscribe at any time. Filed Under: Blog Tagged With: relationshipssex. Comments Dianne says:. March 5, at am. JedDiamond says:. Bethany says:. March 5, at pm.

Thank you for your amazing candor mor your work. Cliff King says:. March 6, at am. Samuel Senerchia says:. Wznt 6, at pm. What are you sex for? Connect with Jed. Popular Posts 5 Secrets for Saving Your Once again, a man came prepared to kill and to die.

Although anger has want negative impact on men, I learned that it is often the women and children who suffer the want. Return to top of page. Get Your Free Copy of Dr. Send It!

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You want you husband to open up to you but every time he does you end up fighting. Find out how this one simple action can transform your relationship. My recent article, “The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex” has garnered more than , readers on the Good Men Project and my own. Maybe you don't believe me, but men really do love the same things we do and most of the time it has nothing to do with sex.