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The role of women in contemporary Turkey is defined by an ongoing gender equality struggle, contributing elements of which include predicate conditions for EU membership candidacy, prevalent political turk that favour restrictive patriarchal models, and woman's rights activism.

Women in Turkey continue to be the victims of rape and honor killings ; furthermore research by scholars [3] [4] and government agencies [5] indicate widespread domestic violence in Turkish population. Despite Turkey being a patriarchal society, there turk many historical records of Turkish women involved in public life and activism. Women in Turkey also face significant disparities in employment, and, in some regions, education.

The participation of Turkish women in the labor force is less than half of that of the European Union average kadin while several campaigns have been successfully sex to promote female literacy, there is still a gender gap in secondary education and an increasing gender gap in higher education.

There is also widespread occurrence of childhood marriages in Turkeythe practice being especially widespread in the eastern and central parts of sex country. One should keep in mind this is not the doing of religious beliefs rather it is in part due to certain laws and restrictions.

One reason that has decreased women attending University kadin in correlation to the Hijab ban. There were many religious women that struggled with this law, as they were told to take off their heads scarf in exchanged to attend university and the workplace. In some rural lands like "Rize" women play a big role in being the bread winners. However it is important to consider in some regions, cultures and values are different.

A working women doesn't necessarily have to equal a free and successful women. Discrimination based on gender is banned by the Turkish constitution. The Turkish feminist movement began in the 19th century during the decline of the Ottoman Empire. InTurk ranked th in the World Economic Forum gender gap index out of countries. In the course of the 16th and 17th centuries during the Sultanate of Womenwomen of the Imperial Harem had extraordinary influence on politics of Ottoman Empire.

Most of these sex were of slave origin. The period started in during the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent untilthe reign of Mehmed IV. During the decline of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, educated women within the elites of Istanbul began to organise themselves as feminists. With the Tanzimat reforms, improving women's conditions was considered as part of a wider modernisation effort. Ottoman women's movement began to demand rights.

Early feminists published woman magazines in different languages and established different organizations dedicated to the advancement of women. During the Turkish War of IndependenceKara Fatma a widow proved herself as a successful militia leader.

After sex founding of the Turkish Republic inthe feminist movement gradually became part of the Kemalist modernization efforts. Polygamy was banned, divorce and inheritance rights were made equal. In these "awareness-raising groups", which were established notably in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, they criticized the standard construction sex the family as well as the gender-specific role behavior that was forced on women.

Independent feminist women's magazines were founded to expose the frequency of sexual harassment and violence against women. These campaigns arose due to women's wish to reject the traditional patriarchal code of ethics, honor, kadin religion which left men to decide the fate of the female body.

The second wave of the women's movement in Turkey reached a wider and more diverse group of women than the first women's movement. The acceptance of women's issues as an independent political and planning problem was discussed for the first time in the Fifth Five Year Development Plan —and "the General Directorate for the Status and Problems of Women" was established as sex national mechanism in The General Directorate, which was connected to the Prime Ministry inhas been carrying out its activities under the responsibility of a State Ministry.

It conducts a large variety of activities with the objective of protecting kadin rights, of strengthening the position of women in social, economic, cultural and political life, and of providing the equal utilization of rights, opportunities and capacities. Since the s, feminist discourse has become institutionalized, with the foundation of women's studies centers and university programs at universities such as Marmara University or as Istanbul University.

In the Turkish government reformed Turkish criminal and civil law, and kadin then, the rights of women and men during marriage, divorce, and any subsequent property rights have all sex equalized. Additions to the Turkish constitution oblige the state to use all the necessary means to promote the equality of the sexes. Family courts were also created, labour laws were instituted to prohibit sexism, and programs kadin created to educate against domestic violence and to improve access to education for girls.

Article 10 of the Turkish Constitution bans kadin discriminationstate or private, on the grounds of sex. The article 41 of the Turkish Constitution was revised to read that the family is "based on equality between spouses".

The minimum age for marriage was also raised to 18 17 with parental consent. The state shall have the obligation to ensure that this equality exists in practice". Inthe Turkish penal code was changed to criminalize marital rape and harshen the sentences for those convicted of honor killings, which previously carried reduced sentenced because of "provocation". Girl students in primary and secondary education also are allowed to use headscarf.

The first wave of Turkish feminism occurred in the early 20th century, when women's organizations began to demand equality in civic and political rights.

During this early period, the women's rights claims overlapped with the Kemalist reform process in the aftermath of the Republic. Second wave feminism reached Turkey in the s, bringing up issues common to the movement which had emerged in the West in the s, such as the elimination of violence against women, the oppression experienced in the family and the challenge against virginity teststhen a common practice for women who were about to get married or who had been subjected to sexual assault.

In s for the first time Turkish women entered politics. In the elections held on 8 February 18 women entered the parliament. The number of women in the Turkish parliament has increased to The murders of women in Turkey increased from 66 in to in the first seven months of Between andthe murder rate of women skyrocketed by 1, percent.

Onthe Turkish anti-violence group Mor Cati created a video attempted to raise awareness of violence toward women in a public way. The group placed large posters of women jumping for joy, their arms and legs splayed out beyond the frame's borders, all around Istanbul.

The text next to the turk reads, "I want to live in freedom. On about 28, women were assaulted, according to official figures. Of those, more than were murdered, monitors say, normally by husbands or lovers. They also stated that turk number of femicides in the last few years has ranged between 5, and 6, adding that the State either cannot or do not disclose exact records, sex different platforms try to fill in this gap in terms of adequate data through media monitoring,". The most often-cited reason of the murder is that the woman wanted a divorce or refused reconciliation.

On 15 MarchTurkish Interior Ministry has announced that a total of 20 women were killed while under temporary state protection between and An average of women a day applied to law enforcement officers after suffering violence in Around five women every hour, or a day, were faced with the threat of murder. A total of women were killed with weapons ina slight increase over the women killed with weapons — out of a total kadin — in In the monthly report of the group "We Will Stop Femicide ", kadin Mayit mention that women were killed in while in the first five months ofwomen were killed across Turkey compared with in the same period of Also, Turkish women killed or forced kadin commit suicide in in misogynist attacks by men.

From till Maywomen have been killed in İzmir alone. On Decembera turk attacked a pregnant woman, in Manisa for jogging at a park.

According to reports monitoring the number of women turk at the hands of abusive men, 41 women were killed in August in Turkey. A study by Ayranci, et al. A survey conducted by a leading Turkish university stated that some 42 percent of women over age 15 in Turkey and sex percent of rural women have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of a husband or partner at some point in their lives. On Maythe Human Rights Turk said in a report that Turkey's flawed family violence protection system leaves women and girls across the country unprotected against domestic abuse.

InTurkey was the first country to ratify the Istanbul Convention. In the same study The study also showed that abusers are overwhelmingly men. A total of women were killed by men in the first 11 months ofaccording to data compiled by the "We Will Stop Femicide" activist kadin based on news reported in the media. The report also stressed that women who are victims of sexual abuse tend to be neglected by their families, which pushes them to undertake independent measures for their self-protection.

Among many victimized women, some end up committing suicide. Ina sex of women were killed and children sexually abused in Turkey, according to data compiled by the group "We Will Stop Femicide". A report about October reveals that during that month 40 women have lost their lives due to femicide, while 25 women have been subject to sexual violence and 32 children have been sexually abused.

According to a report released by the group "We Will Stop Femicide", 28 sex were killed and 25 others were subjected to sexual violence in Januaryadded that also children had been sexually abused during January. Twenty one percent of the women killed were murdered for making decisions regarding their own lives, while four percent of women were murdered for refusing to reunite with their former partners.

The majority of the women were killed at home. The platform said the total number of femicides fell slightly compared to the final months of The online database called the Monument Counter said that at least women were killed by domestic violence in Footage showed the man telling her that those who wear shorts "should die. Women in Turkey also posted images to social media of themselves wearing shorts in solidarity.

On 18 Septembercampaigners gathered in Istanbul to protest the attack and put pressure on authorities to focus on ending violence against women. The incident was caught on security cameras.

On Julyhundreds of women marched in Istanbul on to protest against violence and animosity they face from men demanding they dress more conservatively.

Protesters say turk has been an increase in the number of verbal and physical attacks against women for their choice of clothing in Turkey in turk years.

On 10 Augusttwo turk on motorbikes sexually harassed two women, at İzmir. Security footage showed one of the police officers starting to beat one of the women. In Septemberat Ankaraneighbors complained to the manager of a apartment building about a woman for wearing shorts at her home, demanding that she must keep her curtains closed. The manager warned the woman to keep her curtains closed for her own sake. In Marcha teacher at a religious vocational high school in Konya was dismissed from his post over comments he made about female students wearing gym clothes.

Turkey outlawed marital rape in Her burnt body was discovered on 13 February. InThe Guardian reported that 'the rape and torture of Kurdish prisoners in Turkey are disturbingly commonplace'. According to a report from Amnesty International inHamdiye Aslan, who was accused of supporting the Kurdish separatist group, the PKK, had been detained in Mardin Prison, south-east Turkey, for almost three months in which she was reportedly blindfolded, anally raped with a truncheon, threatened and mocked by officers.

Reporting on cases of sexual abuse in Turkey is often difficult; the issue is still taboo in Turkish culture, as well as the fact that much of Turkish media don't report on such cases as they tarnish the country's modern and secular image. The result of this is that many injustices within Turkey, including systematic rapes carried out in prisons to maintain power over communities, go unheard by the rest of the world.

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