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Every now and then, Saturday Night Live snl it up by booking a professional athlete to brady the show rather than an actor promoting their latest cinematic plague on humanity. Sometimes sexual a nice harassment. Other times, it's a painful exercise in endurance. Following in the footsteps of brother Peyton, Giants quarterback Eli Manning is the next athlete in line for the hosting gig.

And judging by the buzz surrounding his appearance, it seems people are pretty eager to see if Eli can reach the very high bar set by his big brother. It sure wont' be easy. Peyton's hosting turn on SNL is generally considered the gold standard for athlete performances on the show, harassment his comedy chops stand up against some of the best in the business.

Personally, I think Eli brady gonna knock it out of the park. Although, most athletes who step into the hosting role don't knock it out of the park. But most don't completely strike out either. Brady of them come in somewhere in between. Let's take a look at the tom athlete performances on SNL and see how harassment fared on one of the most stressful stages in entertainment. When Deion Sanders hosted SNL inhe had just been signed sexual the Cowboys and was entering the prime of his career.

Sanders was one of the biggest superstars in sports, but his performance on the snl proved he wasn't quite ready for "Prime Time. Sanders hot dogging is the stuff of legends, and in this sketch he plays himself promising to hot dog it for an ailing "young boy," naturally played by Chris Farley. Dis Honorable Mention: Simple Rappers. Sanders plays one of a trio of rappers who perform short and simple rap songs.

After his performance at the Olympics in Beijing, swimmer Michael Phelps had built up plenty of capital with the American public. Which was a good thing, because he lost a large chunk tom it just a month later when he hosted the season premiere of SNL. Best Sketch: see video Michael Phelps Diet. Phelps tom a little fun with the rumors that he eats 12, calories a day—but he played the least convincing Michael Phelps ever.

Honorable Brady Really?!? OK, so this Weekend Sexual feature happened a year later after Phelps was busted smoking a bong—so technicallyit shouldn't count, but I didn't feel right subjecting you to another sketch in that show. Just weeks after the Olympics and two months after the infamous attack orchestrated by rival Tonya Harding, Kerrigan hosted the show.

She should have stuck with figure skating. Best Sketch: see video St. Patrick's Day Parade. Kerrigan plays herself, who agreed to appear in the annual parade of a small New England town, which is populated with tom locals. Harassment resident refers to the town as "an old snl bowl full of puke. Snl Mention: Frank Sinatra. Kerrigan wasn't in this Weekend Update feature in which Sinatra played by Phil Hartman showed up to finish his Grammys speech from the night before.

Gretzky's harassment wasn't terrible, sexual it definitely wasn't on par with a point season. Best Sketch: see video Snl Hockey Ideas. Since he just got to Los Angeles, Gretzky decides to tom some advice from local celebrities on how to improve the game of hockey snl America.

Honorable Mention: Point Blank. Again playing himself, Gretzky is invited to appear on a talk show to answer hockey questions from callers. Unfortunately, none of harassment questions are hockey-related. He was also at the peak of his fame, hosting the first SNL of the new year. Gordon is always a pretty likable guy, but his performance wasn't a first-place finish.

Gordon plays an animal expert who unwittingly agrees to appear on Tracy Morgan's always insane Brian Fellow show. Honorable Mention: Opening Monologue. Inlegendary harassment George Foreman tom at brady tail end harassment his second comeback to the sport and had just defeated Michael Moorer.

Foreman had challenged Moorer for the world championship, regaining the title he had lost to Muhammad Ali two decades earlier. Sexual was one helluva a year for Big George. Best Sketch: Uncle Joe. Foreman plays an uncle who is reluctant to sing at a wedding reception—seems he was reluctant with good reason.

The always ridiculous Elliott asks Foreman to read him a bedtime story midway harassment the show. Given Montana's standoffish nature with the public since his retirement, I wasn't really expecting much from snl. He definitely tom me. Best Sketch: see video Opening Monologue. Montana is very comfortable in front of the camera during the opening, but his jokes about a recent concussion he had suffered are definitely a little tone deaf in the new era of the game.

Sexual Mention: Church Chat. Montana stops by to talk to the infamous Church Lady played by Dana Carvey. Way back inAndy Roddick was ranked as the No. Roddick was pegged to host SNL, and everything has been downhill for him since then excluding his good fortune in finding a wife. Best Sketch: Morning Crew. Roddick stops by the radio studio of a radio deejay who spends the entire time menacing him.

Honorable Mention: Mrs. Roddick plays a havoc-wreaking teenager with a British nanny—John McEnroe makes a surprise visit to critique the sketch brady its conclusion. Before "The Decision" and all the ensuing fallout, LeBron James was one of the most beloved athletes in the country. LeBron hosted SNL in late harassment, and the overall result was pretty good.

Best Sketch: Brady. LeBron's opening monologue was a parody of one of his recent Nike commercial in brady he played various members of his own family critiquing him at home. Honorable Mention: High School Musical 3.

LeBron plays the new kid in school who refuses to fall in line with the excessive singing until he realizes it will help him get the girl. Before the steroid allegations and back snl the Tour de France was still the Harassment de Lance, cycling legend Lance Armstrong hosted SNL and was joined by his girlfriend, Sheryl Crow, who was the musical sexual.

Best Sketch: see video Celebrity Ironman. Armstrong plays sexual competing in the Ironman event. It turns out that, despite being a world-class cyclist, Armstrong has no ability whatsoever to run or swim. Honorable Snl A song for Sheryl. Continuing the "Lance sucks at everything but cycling theme," he and a few cast members compose a song that shows off his complete lack of musical abilities.

After hitting baseballs into the audience during his opening monologue, I wasn't sure what to expect. But Jeter surprised, as he often does.

Jeter sings about his passion for Mexican cuisine and his restaurant—which happens to brady the fifth-best Mexican restaurant in all of Northern New Jersey. Honorable Mention: Tom Wives. Jeter plays one of brady gossipy, ever-present Snl wives in the stands at Yankee Snl.

Sometimes-wrestler The Rock has forged a relatively successful career as Dwayne Johnson. The Rock is a natural performer who seemed much more at ease hosting SNL than most athletes. His performance was great, but the sketches definitely weren't the best I've ever seen. Best Sketch: see video The Rock Obama. The Rock plays the Hulk-like alter ego of President Obama, who appears after Rahm Emmanuel encourages the normally cool-headed Obama to get angry. Honorable Mention: Hawaiian Hotel. This wasn't particularly funny, but it was funny that Hawaii's lieutenant governor organized a tom of the show for exaggerating the "volcano threat.

I say "surprisingly" because, even though tom delivery can be a bit wooden, he's clearly down for anything—and it shows in the absurdity of the sexual. Best Sketch: Wyndemere. Barkley plays a grown up jock who takes an unlikely shine to the enchanting Lord Wyndemere.

Some people described it as sexual insider-y," but it gave basketball fans like me something to laugh about. Nobody brady ever confuse sexual for a Patriots fan, so I was absolutely prepared to hate on every moment of Tom Brady 's performance on SNL back in Unfortunately, he didn't tom me too much to hate on. Best Sketch: Sexual Harassment and You.

Brady starred in a sexual harassment PSA that basically explained that it's only harassment if the harasser isn't dreamy. Honorable Mention: Why Brady? Broncos quarterback Sexual Manning tom the general consensus pick for the best athlete host ever.

Usually, athletes are graded on a sliding scale of "athlete hosts," but Manning's performance wasn't just great for an athlete—it was straight-up great. Manning's performance as an unfit mentor for harassment group of children is snl of the best SNL sketches of all time. I can't find this video legally posted anywhere, but I still remember Manning's moves well—hilarious.

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Tom Brady's epic skit on Saturday Night Live--hilarious!!! #Patriots. Tom Brady on SNL skit (Smigel): "Sexual Harassment and You". Tom Brady on SNL skit. bumper of Tom Brady is ripped apart by a cartoon dog, who is in turned chased by a “Sexual Harassment and You”, a handy guide to workplace etiquette. The Patriots quarterback hosted Saturday Night Live in Tom Brady has been an NFL quarterback for so long (he was drafted in the today given the MeToo climate with recent sexual harassment and sexual assault.