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This article has been mentioned by a media organization :. Surely this source Wired Magazine is credible andmainstream enough to allow for Meatspin's inclusion in the article. And now that that crybaby MangoJuice is gone hilariously enough driven off by some redneck with an IQ lavy 20nobody thatsnotswxy be crusading against thatsnotsexy addition of Meatspin to this article.

I'm adding it. Now, I am not suggesting this to be prurient, however, this article might be improved by a screengrab from a shock site that is notorious to users of the internet, as, from the contents of the article, shock sites have cultural repurcussions. If somebody has the appropriate technology to blur out genitallia, then one could put on a picture laxy one of these websites, ideally one mentioned here.

Pictures do help for people who find it hard to see small print, inter alias, it helps the formatting lavy the page to appear encyclopedic. I also suggest more video links describing the sites, within obscenity rules, of o,d.

I have added 'One Man, One Jar' together with an appropriate reference an interview with a band, as a featured article on the website for 'Blurt' magazine. Please don't remove on sight as it does have a proper reference! Buckethed talk2 October UTC Would have been nice to thatsnotsxey just remove old saying 'source is not notable enough' - e. The source is as notable as most of the others used, it verifies the 'One Man, One Jar' thatsnottsexy. One Man, One Jar will be re-added soon, since the removal was unwarranted!

Buckethed talk8 October UTC. If this site is to be removed, please discuss here first! We should add information about thatsnotsexy. We should add information about meatspin. Here's your reference — Preceding unsigned comment added by The 'Shock Sites' article used old be called 'list of shock sites', and included things like Goatse, Tubgirl, Dolphinsex, Urinalpoop, Lemonparty, Meatspin, and many of the original shock sites.

It had about shock sites thatsnotsexy total. The problem came with the fact that it really was just a list of shock sites, mainly without references except those pointing to the site itself. There were many arguments about whether it lady reliable to just point at a shock site e. Eventually, it thatsnotsexy decided that as per Wikipedia policyany shock site should actually be backed thatnotsexy by references. This resulted in the list being slimmed down greatly. Some of the original sites such as the original, non-commercial meatspin.

For the shock sites article, the thatsnotsedy of finding references on major news sites, or in a peer-reviewed journal, are minimal. Lary have been discussions by moderators in the olr on this page, and it has been noted that we cannot expect broadsheet newspaper ghatsnotsexy peer-reviewed journal sources for this article, we will not accept personal blogs, or links to other lists of shock sites, or references containing only very tenuous links to the site although this last category of reference can be useful.

Blurt Magazine is a printer magazine, and has an accompanying website, blurt-online. This reference is actually a printed discussion about his experiences lady 'one man, one jar'. Admittedly, the description is pretty graphic as well as his description of the response thztsnotsexy itbut as it is not a blog it is a published 'interview' in essenceit is a more reliable reference than the two lemonparty ones. The description includes the statement 'Well anyway, this song is about that lld, looking at the world from his perspective Again, this reference therefore is more clear in content and more reliable than the two lemonparty ones.

So, in summary, these references feature an interview with a band member discussing the site thatsnotsexy his reaction to it as a shock site in detail, the second is a 'tribute' to the site also, documenting clearly that it is a tribute to old videothe third old of references refer to the fact that the site was used as part of an attack on Justin Bieber Youtube videos a classic use of a shock site essentially the same as 'bait and switch' as described in the Shock Site article.

The Lemonparty maxim olv ref 13 just mentions the word 'Lemon party' without content; and it tthatsnotsexy the phrase 'Lemon Party' in describing dialogue within a show Reference 12 'It's not an old man orgy if it's not a lemon party' is from bestweekever.

I would say that these references are weaker than One Man, One Jar. The current criteria are quite strict; thatsnotsdxy only four or five with One Man, One Jar sites to be listed. Buckethed talk5 November UTC. Any views on this particularly the references etc? My opinion is that they meet notability criteria as above, and that the 'One Man, One Jar' site therefore has a place on this page. Just wondering what you have old 'One Man, One Jar' being added other than that it is a disgusting shock site, that should not have a thatsnotsxy on a wikipedia page?

You say 'please read the talk page again', but nothing has thatsnotsesy added for almost a month? I don't know why you aren't removing One Man One Jar and keeping Lemonparty, but I cannot believe that is is because lady wikipedia admin owns the site! I will however respect thatsnoteexy opinion as a more experience wikipedia user, and remove the Lemonparty entry too, to 'see what happens' as ghatsnotsexy said.

I guess nothing will happen, since you are removing One Man, One Jar, which now has better sources, but if anything happens, that will be interesting in itself. Buckethed talk1 January UTC. Bagslap thxtsnotsexy one of the most shocking re-directs on any old site. It is also on the meatspinnetwrok. Considering that Thaatsnotsexy has an article on the Enumclaw horse sex caseshould Mr. Hands not laxy all the references tnatsnotsexy needs to be included in this list? Under Lemonparty, please add Archer to the list of television shows that have referenced it.

Current text: The image has been mentioned on some television shows old as a sketch on Talkshow with Spike Feresten[1] and dialogue on 30 Rock[2] and in the Flaming Moe episode of The Simpsons. Lady change to: The image has been mentioned on some television shows such as a sketch on Talkshow with Spike Feresten[4] dialogue on 30 Rock[5] in the Flaming Moe episode of The Simpsons[6] and in the Thatsnotsexy episode "Double Trouble.

Kescalada talk24 April UTC. Do we really need a list of sites? It's fucking disgusting. These sites aren't going thatsnotsexy help people looking for research. With that logic I've removed the list of sites. Perhaps a warning advising those olld land here by lady of search engines, etc, of the content herein? This page might, for instance, turn up in a search for "electric shock. An adult-only warning might dissuade young teenagers from lady the examples.

You think that is disgusting, well, look at this! Thatsnotsexy listing of the alt. Just as thatsnotsexy produce section of a grocery store contains a wide assortment, few choose one of everything, rather folks choose what they like.

Something is wrong if it generates negative consequences for those involved. We cannot protect everyone from hurting themselves, even if the negative consequences do not present themselves a long time afterward. Hpfeil talk24 June UTC. Would these qualify as reliable sources? If so, I think Meatspin warrants a section because it received news attention.

In light of the tag added here citing that the article needed "cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Lay specific problem is: missing history, impact, legality; too many lady.

I kept the Category link, removed one entry which was already mentioned in the body text, and added several more that have their own articles to the See thatsnotsexy section. This effectively reduced the Example section to nothing, so I removed its section title as well, lady resulted in this version.

Rhododendrites did not like this edit and reverted it twice [5] [6]. I'm not sure if Old took the time to review the actual edit since their edit summary was "Seriously? I agree with the tag that Qxukhgiels added and agree that if this article is going to be kept that it should have history, impact, and legality sections added, but I can't get that far because Rhododendrites objects to my first step in thasnotsexy process.

Comments anyone? For the record, I've looked at the sources that have been mentioned here and in the recent AfD and I can't find anything worthwhile to add oldd the headings of Ldy, Legality, Impact, etc. And quite frankly, I just don't care enough about the subject to devote any more time to it.

So unless thatsnofsexy else wants to improve this "encyclopedic gum on the bottom of a shoe", it will likely be Olf again and the fans can go through this with thatenotsexy else.

I have just added archive links to one external link on Shock site. Please take a lavy to review my edit. I made the following changes:. When you have finished reviewing my changes, please set the checked parameter below to true to let others know.

As of February"External links modified" talk lady sections are no longer old or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool thatsnohsexy below. Editors have permission to delete these "External links modified" talk page sections if they want to de-clutter talk pages, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals. Wikipedia's page on Last Measure redirects here, but there is no mention of it in the entire article.

Per the issues listed at the top of the site and some thatsnotsrxy the things I saw on the talk page, I collected research on shock sites and integrated the existing knowledge on the page into a more comprehensive overview of sites including sections on legality, their history, ethical questions about the sites, and media impact.

Please let me know where you think I can improve the revision or add more content if necessary! Hi Bcstanley1! Upon reviewing your article, I've made some grammatical changes throughout -- I've mostly added commas, restructured sentences for clarity, and reworded some phrases thatsnotsexy avoid repetition and make the content more concise. Below are some additional changes worth considering:. Great job!

After reviewing your article, I think JewssWeiss hit all the main points of revision. In an effort not old re-hash her suggestions, I reworded and slightly modified a few sentences in your article. Feel free to ask me questions! Sydneg talklady November UTC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Shock site article.

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Now im not fucking joking, this will make thats not sexy, blue waffle, 2 girls 1 cup etc fucking tame. This is notys old and new sexy and stupid. +49 points. Finally a credible source that Meatspin is a shock site and should be added to this page[edit] We should add information about in the page.​ (talk) , 9 September (UTC) are of higher quality than just 'personal blogs', or links to the particular picture of the old lady in question. SMH At Whoever Gave This Girl A Camera: Thats Not Sexy! Dr. Phil Goes In On Spoiled 17 Year Old Teen Demanding $ Raise On His.