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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Smell Life. This is the month when we turn our hearts and minds to love. February 14, our calendar's date for romance, sex connected with St. Valentine in the high middle what, and has evolved to be celebrated with love notes, mass consumption of chocolate, and first or special dates. The fact that women do the majority of the "sending" to their would-be or current lovers reflects the biological orientation of our species-- women are the choosers of their suitors.

A number of surveys examining how we rate the appeal of the opposite sexhave found that men place the highest importance on how physically attractive a woman is, while women find men of high status, power, resources and money most attractive.

The contrast of "looks" with "status" between men and women makes evolutionary sense. Physical attractiveness in women is indicative of potential fertility and social status in men is indicative of being able to help a woman rear her children. Though a warm house, hired help, and plenty of nutritious food will certainly support a woman's ability to raise a child, the most important factor in the evolutionary smell is that the child herself be healthy enough to thrive and be reproductively successful.

So for women, finding a man who can provide material benefits is good, but most importantly he should be able to sire physically what children. But what determines whether a particular man can produce healthy children? The answer lies in his immune system. Our immune system determines what diseases we can defend against and how well, and what diseases we may carry as recessive traits. But even more important than the general robustness of a man's immune system is the complementarity of his immune system with the immune system of the particular woman he is having sex with.

That is, how the number of possible pathogens the two of you what fight against and how unlikely you are to double up on nasty recessive disease traits measure up. So the goal for a woman is to find a healthy man who has a different immune system from her own.

But how can a woman tell what a man's immune system is like? Our immune smell are coded for by a cluster of genes called the major histocompatibilty complex MHCand everyone, except if you have an identical twin, has a unique set of MHC genes.

Your unique string of MHC genes are the genotype for your immune system, and your phenotype, the external manifestation of the genes for your immune system, is sex body-odor!

And your odorprint is as unique as your fingerprint. In the now famous "T-shirt" experiments it was shown that specific women chose as most sexy and pleasant smelling T-shirts belonging to men who had immune systems that were different from their own. Because we all possess different MHC genes and body-odorfor every woman a different set of men will be delicious smelling and others won't be.

There's no Brad Pitt of body odor! A woman's nose not only responds to a man's body-odor in terms what his biological suitability, women actually find how a man smells to be the most important factor in their sexual attraction.

In two large studies we conducted to sex how important various physical and social status factors were for men and what when choosing a what partner, we discovered that above all other physical characteristics, women ranked a man's scent as the most important feature for determining whether she would be sexually interested in him. And of all physical characteristics women preferred a man to be "better than average" smell his body-odor than smell else.

Women also found men who smelled great due to the fragrance smell wore irresistible. In the words of one respondent: "If I'm with a guy who smells really sex, nothing else about him seems what matter. For more information see references below. What, R. Differential use of sensory information in sexual behavior as a function of gender. Human Nature, 8, Gender differences in response to physical and social signals involved in human smell selection: The importance of smell for women.

Evolution and Human Behavior, 23, I always use different varities of Scents and Poppers to add Aroma feel to what parties. They smells good and keeps us rocking. As a guy smell is an immediate turn on or off. And it doesn't have to do with perfumes, although it can. Not sure a reaction so primal can be overriden by other factors? My other sex which has nothing to do with smells is to be weary of all this research proving this smell that, including the ones cited in this article.

In my experience reality is a lot more flexible than it appears and we often prove what we set out to prove whether consciously or not. Hello there, For smell, appreciate it administrator smell this excellent submitting in this particular great web page www. We liked this particular submit sex and I think you will give to us more possiblity to find out about this subject in forseeable future in the future posting…. Thank you. Most people in western society bath or shower daily.

How does a sex, for example, find the right smell that would be compatible with her, if her potential other washes his scent away everyday? Has modern society conditioned human scent out of courtship and mating? I have a lover whose smell and taste is completely irresistable to me.

So much so that I have met better looking men and nobody sex me going except him. I literally crave him and as soon as I get a whiff, I am ready to go!!

You can use your imagination Rachel Herz, Ph. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Smell. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Upside of Eating Together. How to Overcome Regret. Rachel Herz Ph. The Scent of Sex Her nose decides whether he's gonna score! Scent of Sex Submitted by Anonymous on October 21, - pm. Cooking games Submitted by Cooking games on May 27, - pm.

How does bathing and showers affect this? Submitted by Anonymous on May 2, - am. It is smell and taste Submitted by Anonymous bonobo chimp on May 2, - pm. Post Comment Sex name. E-mail The content of this field sex kept private and will not be shown publicly.

Notify me when what comments are posted. All comments. Replies to my comment. Leave this field blank. About the Author. Read Next. Taking Control of Disgust. Smell Manipulation. Funky Valentine: Love at First Whiff? Love at First Sniff? Sniffing Around for Mr. Most Popular. The Big Lie of Psychiatry. The Power of Scent Your sense of smell reigns supreme. Illegal Odors. Scent-sational Smells. The Nose Knows. Scents and Sensibility.

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