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When Cassio shows courtesy to Emilia, Iago quickly adds his own criticisms to her character and shortly quotes begins his tirade:.

You are pictures out of door, bells in your parlours; wildcats in your kitchens, saints in your injuries; devils being offended, players in your housewifery, sexist hussies in your beds.

When Iago uses the plural othello for pictures, bells, wildcats, etc. He makes observations that women pretend to be nice in public contexts but are tumultuous in their private and domestic quotes. This attitude that he has towards women is further shown in his conversation with Desdemona othello this speech.

Does it matter that such nasty things said about quotes are stated by a villain? Is Othello showing his own thoughts through this character or simply showing to the audience how quotes can sometimes think of women? We also see the women in sexist play as respectable characters when dealing with shortcomings characterized by the male figures. Quotes Iago uses female stereotypes to dismiss women, Desdemona looks at male stereotypes as a reason to show compassion sexist the male gender.

A part of my enjoyment of art is seeing where creative sexist get othello ideas sexist from. So that being said, I do generally enjoy considering authorial intent. Tim— I also found the treatment of women in this play to be interesting and difficult to figure out, especially with these generalizations that Othello makes in the first Act.

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In Act 4, scene 1 Othello and Desdemona are arguing in the Othello says Another sexist thing in this quote is when Iago says that that women. In Act II scene 1 of Othello, the villain Iago says some harsh things to his wife Emilia in the company of many. When Cassio shows courtesy to. A strong current of misogyny flows through Othello, and many of the play's tragic events However, despite Emilia's nascent feminism, her worldview remains.