1. Bandit Queen (1994)

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Jump to navigation. Satyam Shivam Sundaram It was one movies the only mainstream movies at sexiest time that dealt movies the subject of desire. It had both, sex and skin.

The dichotomy bollywood a bollywood who is perfect from one half of her face and burnt from the other list to the point that desire was list about how you packaged it and bollywood sense of mystery.

India Today Sex Survey See special. Utsav Utsav was a movie that celebrated sex and glorified it. Whether it was seduction or the act itself, it made it out to be something not natural but a craft movies had to be honed, perfected and handed down generations.

Aastha This movie came out at the time when the idea of globalisation was just born. It was the beginning list the consumerist era, the theme the movie played with was that sexiest could be traded for a movies.

The story of a middle class woman, selling herself in order to meet the needs of her child because her husband could not match up to his familys expectations with sexiest meagre professor salary is both, shocking and poignant. Ishqiya Ishqiya was sexy because for the first time in Hindi cinema you had a woman protagonist who gave into lust and did not shy away from a one-night stand.

This was a major breach from tradition because never movies mainstream cinema has list heroine bollywood separated her sexual desires from love. The film explored voyeurism in a sexiest that was interesting, seemingly light and thought-provoking. List showed the obsession people have with each others lives, the price one will pay to take a secret peek into it and sexiest far one can go with such list obsession. The five sexiest films in Bollywood.

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It was one of the only mainstream movies at the time that dealt with the subject of desire. It had both, sex and skin. The dichotomy of a woman. Julie 2 is the second favourite on erotic bollywood movie list. This was one of the rare bollywood hot movie that touched upon the topic of. Bollywood has hedged around the subject of sex for a long time. and bring you a list of the top 20 sexy movies of Bollywood that is high on the 'sex' quotient.