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Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos

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Anna is a modern, independent single girl, focused on her job and wary of getting sex in romantic relationships. Her life is all about fun. Strangers without strings. No commitment, no Votes: 1, Unrated min Drama. Jacques Laurent made pornographic films in the s and '80s, but had put that aside for 20 years. His artistic ideas, born of the '60s counter-culture, had elevated the entire genre. Votes: 2, The story of Lucie, a girl who wakes up at a hotel room naked, and alone.

She had spent the night drinking with friends, but her memory is playing a dangerous game she simply cant seem to remember how. Votes: A minute magazine-format programme in English. Despite being a big-budget show, it was sex and had a deliberate low-budget feel. The wonders ovidie internet has made the shady industry of pornography rich, but is now in death cramps due to the piracy ruining the market, and forcing the participants to perform more extreme sex.

Desperate for good ratings, she publishes the most cynical stories of the participants, thus Michel, a psycho-analyst, falls asleep while listening to his patient Olga, a kleptomaniac and a sexual pervert, tell him how she likes her husband beating her. When he wakes up, he finds Two sex in their twenties, Antoine and Marie, have complicated relationships. She accuses him of being too interested in other girls. After an argument, the two young people separate for Ovidie John B.

Root Stars: TitofK. SandraOvidieSebastian Barrio. Two dinners are held simultaneously. Agathe invites three friends, Sandrine, Jennifer and Lise. The two groups know each other, Chaos ensues when a father and son travel to a farm festival via the Wine Trail in sex Parisian taxi.

The story of infidelity: there are three sex, three different fates, three ways to overcome infidelity, three ways to spice up their relationship.

Through their journey, ovidie figures A single woman seeks to maintain an active sex life, while staying clear of emotional involvement. A young woman goes on a nightmarish quest to find her missing uncle - a reclusive horror filmmaker - guided by characters from his movies as well as the actors who played them. Votes: 5. How do women in western countries live their sexuality in the age of the internet?

Over many years, feminism claimed the female sexual power, rejecting the image of women as sexual objects Director: Ovidie Star: Ovidie. X min Adult. X 97 min Adult. Eva Marree was 27 years old when she was murdered by the father of her children. Despite her history of violence, the father was given full custody of the children after it was known that ovidie had worked as an escort. Silvia visits the fairground and discovers that the rides are of a very different type to she imagined.

Votes: 8. X sex min Adult. After a sex apocalypse, the survivors are interviewed by a television channel and relate their stories about how they survived, and the sexual adventures they engaged in. X 95 min Sex. Max, a funny and very heavy-duty love-maker, is being chased around by a TV crew who wants to film his physical exploits Votes: 6. A passionate relationship begins between a unmarried woman ovidie an American artist visiting Paris after a kiss on a bridge.

X Adult. X 88 min Adult. Sign In. IMDb user rating ovidie 1 1. Une nuit sans fin TV Movie 69 min Adult 5. Eurotrash — 30 min Documentary, Comedy 6. XYZ Video 92 min Adult 6. Sex Stories Video 90 min Adult, Comedy 5. Orgie en noir Video 91 min Adult, Fantasy, Mystery 5. La nuit des horloges 90 min Fantasy 5. Mes meilleures copines Video 84 min Adult 5.

La fille du batelier Video Adult ovidie. Luxure Adult 5. Max 2 Video X 92 min Adult 6. Absolut Sex Video X min Adult 3. Ally et xperiment Video min Adult 5.

Explicite Video Adult 6. Max, portrait d'un serial-niqueur Video X 95 min Adult 5. I racconti erotici della cripta di zio Tibia Video 90 min Adult 4. Ally Video 80 min Adult 6. Le baiser TV Movie 77 min Adult 6. Tout ovidie monde en parle — min Talk-Show 6. Le palais des phantasmes TV Movie min Adult 5.

Ce soir ou jamais! Lilith Video 99 min Adult 5. Salut les Terriens — Talk-Show 6. Clear your history.

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Ovidie, Actress: Histoires de sexe(s). Ovidie was born on August 25, in Lille, Nord, France as Eloïse Becht. Katsumi at the Sex Palace (Video). Set in a beautiful French country house, Ovidie combines her taste for arthouse sensibility with explicit and erotic sexual content, whilst always remaining true to​. After completing the final installment of her best-selling Sex Stories trilogy in , controversial French director Ovidie returns with her provocative new film.