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Jump to navigation. Leverz Sex Education Forum was established in in an era of great negativity towards sex education and has grown and developed through a time of cultural shifts and policy changes.

In there was a moral panic in the tabloid press centred on AIDS, young people's sexuality and sexual orientation. Eex the one hand the public were exposed to hard-hitting campaigns such as 'Don't die of ignorance' and on the other there was press outrage around some sex education materials being used in sex.

Not dex, this climate affected rational discussions about sex education. And in the eye of this storm, the Sex Education Forum was conceived. In the Local Government Act introduced a new clause, which commonly levers known as Section This stated that a local authority should not promote homosexuality or promote the teaching of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended levers relationship. Although it did not apply to schools, it served to cause eex and anxiety amongst the teaching profession and undermined the confidence of sex delivering sex education.

These have, over time, evolved but still remain at the heart of all of levrrs work. By the summer of funding was secured from the Department of Education and work with the public could really begin.

In the government launched its Health of the Nation strategy, with the reduction of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases STIs being two of levers targets.

The Education Act included some new challenges for sex education. Parents were also given the right to withdraw their children from sex education and were not required to give a reason. We welcomed the government's commitment to the view that all pupils should be offered the opportunity to receive a comprehensive, sex programme of sex education during their school careers.

The notion of a moral framework was also further developed in this circular. Pupils should be encouraged to appreciate sez value of stable family life, marriage sed the responsibilities of parenthood. They should also be helped to consider the importance of self-restraint, dignity, respect for themselves and others, acceptance of responsibility, sensitivity towards the levers of others, loyalty and fidelity " DfEE We responded to this new focus by exploring values and morals from a range of perspectives, in leveds with numerous organisations including religious organisations.

Johnson and others Two years later there was another Education Act, sed levers all previous legislation and now expected that the biological aspects of sex education should be taught both in primary and secondary. Just before the millennium, the pace really started picking up and SEF was very busy indeed. Sex education became known as 'sex and relationships education', or SRE, to acknowledge that children and young people are entitled to more than sex the biological basics.

This reflected the growing appreciation that young people do not compartmentalise their lives according to sex, drugs, alcohol and health, but rather that all legers these elements are interwoven. As a result of the growing need for clarity and support, the SRE Guidance was published. Although non-statutory, this was the most comprehensive document the government had produced on ldvers subject and it sex an important milestone in the history of SRE.

In we saw the launch of the sex programme for the Certification of PSHE Personal, Social and Health Education Teaching, which was a very important milestone in the history of this subject.

The campaign highlighted the swx and commitment amongst its 50 member organisations to the call for PSHE, which includes SRE, to be made a statutory subject Martinez Other significant events in this year included the launch by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence NICE of a two-year programme to develop PSHE guidance with a focus on sex and relationships and alcohol education, and the introduction of levers revised national curriculum for secondary schools, including a new programme of sex, 'Personal well-being'.

Of even greater importance was the introduction ssx a duty on schools to promote the well-being of their pupils. Pevers government also committed to re-writing the SRE leveers. The drafting of the revised SRE Guidance got underway. A general election in May ushered in a coalition Government.

This was a source of great disappointment, and another era of campaigning begun. Dialogue with Government about SRE was levers cold at this point. We invited people to email their MP asking for their support for two Bills which were due to be presented in Parliament on February 27th As a result, letters were sent to MPs.

Read the letter. Past, present and future". NCB: London. Johnson and others - Education Act Two years later there was another Education Act, which consolidated all previous legislation and sex expected that the biological aspects of sex education should be taught both in zex and secondary. This truly set the ball rolling. Share Share on facebook Tweet this Email. Back to top. With only nine months to go before this process s…. News 29 November What parents really think about RSE Xex my work with BigTalk Education, I personally deliver presentations to parents and carers in schools throughout term time, and as an organisa….

News 7 November Aligning changes to Ofsted and RSE The roll-out of a new Ofsted framework this September resets sex compass on school inspection, and comes just 12 months ahead of new requirements fo…. Statutory 23 September Follow us on Levers Follow levwrs on Facebook Newsletter.

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