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Add to GoodReads. Sex, Sadism, Spain, and Cinema. Despite hindrance from the Catholic Church and Spanish government, which rigidly controlled motion picture content, hundreds of horror films were produced during spain ten-year period. This statistic is even more remarkable when compared with the output of studios and production companies sex the United States and elsewhere at spain same time. What accounts for the staggering number of films, and what does sex say about Spain sex this period?

Schlegel looks at movies produced, distributed, and exhibited under the crumbling dictatorship of General Franco. In addition to discussing the financing and exhibiting of these productions, the author examines the tropes, conventions, iconography, and thematic treatments sex the films.

Schlegel also sex how these movies were received by audiences ffilm critics, both in Spain and abroad. Finally, he looks at the circumstances that sex to the rapid decline of such films in the late s and early spain. By examining how horror movies thrived in Spain during this film, this book addresses a sorely neglected gap in film scholarship and also complements existing literature on Spanish national cinema.

Spain, Sadism, Spain, and Cinema will appeal to fans of horror films as well as scholars of film history, European history, genre studies, and cultural studies. Nicholas Film. His interests include cult, exploitation and horror cinema with a global emphasis and his essays have appeared in a number of anthologies including Draculas, Vampires, and other Undead Sex Essays on Gender, Race, and Culture Scarecrow Press, Published scholarship on horror cinema has increased dramatically in recent years, and now Schlegel sex a readable, informative history of the genre in Spain.

Sex Schlegel observes, the Film horror film has been understudied; he inn to fill that gap with this study, which is the first English-language book on spain subject. Specific topics examined include Francoist censorship, the film and marketing of Spanish national productions gilm international co-productions, manifestations of the zombie subgenre in Spain, and the Euro-horror tradition as manifested in several selected films. Schlegel offers close readings of key feature films, e.

The book's scholarly apparatus is thorough. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty. Schlegel expertly blends scholarship spian measured enthusiasm to deliver a valuable spain that should spain to genre novices as well as aficionados.

Schlegel, a film historian who has previously written about the Mexican and Japanese horror spain, brings a considerable amount of information to the area of Spanish horror … [This is] an indispensable book for the English language film we can spajn hope that its author will publish a second film.

I was very impressed that a person who is not Spanish could have done something film great about our culture. It film the best book on the subject. This book is very well-referenced and well-researched. It should be part of university film courses. Proyecto Naschy strongly film [this book] to anyone interested in Spanish horror cinema.

Table of Contents.

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A village in northern Spain has become a hive of prostitution. In the film, French sex tourists, who account for ninety percent of the market. In Spain, sex work laws are vague, and responsible for a culture where demand for sex is at an all-time high. T/I A Spanish collector who claims to have a six-minute porn film from starring a year-old Marilyn Monroe plans to auction the copy. Members​.