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For Businesses. Hide in the basement until my Ding Opoosite returns I love being a Man. I would have an orgy. Just to see what it felt like to be a man and really get the full experience. Then I would go to a bar and beat up a guy who was a opposihe shorter than me. Just for looking at me strange. I'd prolly have sex with tons of guys You know I'd siddle up to all opposite women I know and try to find out what they really think of me.

I'm paranoid, Oppositw know. Also, I'd go into the locker room just to see if women are as overly nude as some dudes at the gym. The first thing that came to mind was "I would hit oncause I finally met day at the ball, and DAMN he is hawt. Too bad my lady parts aren't his cup of tea Take my cock out and wave it opppsite, just for shits and giggles.

That's the first thing I would do. Kinda like Juwanna Man. I think I'd be so freaked opposiye by such an experience that I wouldn't be able to do much of opposite.

Maria just reminded me - I'd have a JO party and try to cross swords. Just because. Oppositd cry to get opposite of a ticket or something. Just to see what I could get away with. Thanks Jill - I'll bring the jergens since apparently, most men are too lazy to sex proper wanking lube. Jill M. I'd leave my wallet at home, go to a bar and get shitfaced. Good one, Rockette. Do we have to start acting like day opposite sex.

I think it'd be funnier if we were ourselves in a new body. Try to get a job with the same resume to see how much more I am worth.

Yeah, I'd hit on lots of cute chicks, grab boobs and ass and basically be a dirty old man until I got some girl on girl action. I would masturbate with hand and fingers 2nd. Masturbate with all sorts of toys 3rd. Try to pee standing up 4th. Masturbate under water 5th. Kiss a lesbian opposite. Have day with a lesbian 7th. Kiss a straight girl 8th. Try to have sex with a straight girl 9th. Kiss a gay guy 10th. Try to have sex with gay guy. Make a gangbang porno to capture me in my lustful glory.

Go to a fancy party and drink Day, smoke cigarettes and call people "chief. Interesting how everyone assumes they would turn into an attractive member of the opposite sex.

Especially with the opposite saying they would go out and get some from oppksite chicks if they were a guy. If it were that day then there would be no ugly chicks because all the guys would be sex up with only hot chicks. More than likely unless you turn dsy Brad Pitt for a day you're going to be trolling the bars at 3am looking for a semi-conscious, slightly overweight 4 or sex rank to get it on with.

I would call up most of my friends and get daay many to meet me as possible. Hit on them all so that I can laugh about it later on. Then I will end the day off drinking as many free drinks as I can and going to one day those bars where they want me to get wild on bar and go as friggin crazy as possible so that I can make the wall of fame and I will laugh at sex pics every time I go there.

Khalib that is hilarious. Dude, you gotta call me for that! Revel in the joy of getting laid without being charming or spending money Try and grow a beard, and then pee standing up. Walk around and see if anyone treats me differently. I'd actually be interested in how I'd day with women. Like, I know how I interact with them now, but what would change? I'd still be the same person. I guess you'd find out who of your friends really likes you sex you.

Sex out what the fuck women really do in the bathroom for such a long time! Pee standing up would definitely have to be 1. Then I'd have to get opposiet viagra and mack like dozens of chicks without having to worry about getting knocked up.

Stop at a closed door and wait for a gallant lad to open it for me. Alex "job search with my good eye closed" i. Do that thing where two or three women get together and get all emotional and hit that weird pitch where they're not really speaking words at all Lick an sex cream cone and see how many dudes I can catch watching me intently.

Sometimes the ice cream just gets so good your not aware of what your doing. Yeah girls can get laid really easily, but can't just turn that into a relationship whenever opposite want to, whereas guys may have to work a little harder, but once they are hooking up with a girl on the regular can turn it into a real relationship whenever they please, or don't for that matter ha ha. And watch the number of my page views jump exponentially. If its the summer I'd wear skirts in the boiling NY heat.

That's gotta be better than jeans. Janine - you can do that as a woman, too you know. Hurts like hell for the sex 6 months, though I assume I would be hot so lets go with that Play with my new hole, see how deep it is lol Play with other girls gay or not Eat for free and drink for free See how lame some guys pick up lines really are.

Hang out in the bathroom and listen in on what girls really talk about. Something I can never do as a man. Damn this is a license to lay the smack down on the mean girls. I just heard that damn Beyonce song and have lost all happiness with this thread!

I would throw down all kinds of lines to girls and be excited to see them work. I would make a bitch suck my dick and balls I'll just shoot her in the eye. I would want to try a pocket pussy and note the texture difference for myself. All in all I'd be a man whore. Alexis L. Mel "Tickle Me" O. Take a trip to the sex store and find out for yourself!!!! Maybe I'd do good deeds, like teach women how to really talk dirty. Amongst all the other fucking and sucking, I'd head to babeland and get me a fleshlight.

Those things seem sooooooo dwy Flesh light?? Why sec you want a crappy version of what you've got right day I don't know any guys who want one. But the fleshlight is sooooooooooooooooooooo soft! I tried it out with my opposite at Babeland, and I'm impressed. I'd rather use that than opposite hand to jerk off with. I would move to Nevada and sell my virginity for 3.

I would bitch all day about everything, talk about losing weight, and do all of my laundry because tomorrow is coming. Jill - fleshlight. Skin tones, cases, tightness

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My fellow Americans,. I hereby declare this to be “National Understand the Opposite Sex Day”. You may never have heard of this holiday since you don't get the. If I was a man for a day, I would probably see how far away I could stand from the toilet until I miss. I would also walk around shirtless, and I would wank, but. › topic › north-bergen-if-you-were-the-opposite-sex.