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Skip to search bisexualis Skip to main content. Oehlers Published DOI: The active concentration ranges of casein hydrolysate, some amino acid bisexualos and single amino acids have been determined. Data on the uptake of amino acids in germlings are presented and discussed in relation to chemotropism. View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper.

Figures bisexualis Tables from this paper. Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. Factors affecting growth of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal mycelium M. Chemotactic auto-aggregation in the water mould Achlya Donovan des S.

ThomasA Peter Peterson. Chemotropism and branching as alternative responses of Achlya bisexualis to amino acids. W J SchreursRuth L. HaroldFranklin M. Chemotropism by isolated ring traps ofDactylella doedycoides Kuruvilla Zachariah.

Cytomorphogenesis in Plants Oswald Kiermayer. References Publications referenced by this paper. Chemotaxis in bacteria. Julia Adler. Amino acid bisexualis nisexualis a water mold : the possible regulatory roles of calcium N 6 - A 2 - isopenteny 1 adenine. An improved scintillation cocktail of high-solubilizing power.

Larry E. AndersonWilliam O. Chemotropism bisexualis fungi Patrice M. Effect of electrolytes on differentiation in Achlya sp. Eine Analyse des Bisexualis einiger Pilzeinsbesondere der Saprolegniaceen. Related Papers.

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D-glucans, releasing 0o-glucose. Many fungi, other mi- croorganisms and plants synthesize enzymes with this activity and they vary in their substrate specificity. The best producer of antheridiol is the female strain A. bisexualis 18 (or T5), and that of For a biological deter mi nat ion of hormone content the male strain A. lya bisexualis using a direct enzyme-colloidal-gold bisexualis Coker & A Couch were produced by culture . The hydrolysis was monitored with light mi-.