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I need some spoiler free info about adult content in the full game of Max Payne. I've played the demo, and am seriously considering purchase.

I'm concerned about the sexual adult content. I've seen the whorehouse in the demo, and I'm wondering if their is more nudity posters in the demo in the full game. I do know that there is a parental lock. No lectures please. Just want to know what I'm likely to be getting in the box. As I recall, there panye much innuendo, but no blatant nudity or such. For example, if I recall correctly, swimsuit calenders albeit small and pixelated can be found around, but max that's really risque There was a whorehouse?

Sex yeah I remember the hotel. I find it funny that you are concerned about women without clothes in a game where the object is to blow people's heads off with shotguns. Maxx said: "I find it funny that you are concerned about women without clothes in a game where the object is to blow people's heads off with shotguns.

Just want max know what I'm likely to be getting in the box" Thanks for the input so far all Sex also a scene involving a gangster getting payne BJ from a hooker - but nothing visible.

I haven't finished the game yet I'm just being lazy. I find payne stupid that people want to sensor out something that brings people Pleasure sex but not something that brings death and destruction vilonce Oh well I guess I'm just strange Jesus, he's just asking a question. Would you rather he get this info from some ma anti-everythingers? At least this way there's a chance of a fair evaluation. I'm sure he has a perfectly good reason to payne want sex stuff in games, and it's likely to payne one of the following.

Maybe he's a minor and his parents closely police what he plays. Maybe he himself is a parent and wants to get his kids into gaming but doesn't want to chart those particular waters just yet.

These aren't necessarily any of the reasons, but i think it's pretty rude to preach at him about it after he specifically asked not to be. There's one hooker and the fact that she's a hooker is slightly important, as symbolism, but not essential to the plot. Other than that, he's way too pissed off to get it on. Did I say censor?

Didn't say censor anywhere. Didn't say that others sed or should not buy based on any content. Simply asked about content. Gaming sex. Posts thread asking about game. Gets answers about game. Gets preached at by people who either can't read, or won't. If you "ahem" gentlemen who are so concerned about my reasons sdx to start a thread about game content and censorship, go ahead. Who knows, I may even participate.

This thread is about what kind of sexual content is contained in the game Max Payne. I now have more information, and thanks sex those who contributed by answering. I am sure I am not max only person who is max to have this information. Too bad just asking is an invitation to be preached at by those who assume I am not aware of pertinent issues. If you don't go to the soap box, the soap box comes to you.

How nice :rollseyes:. I finished the game a few weeks ago, besides pixelated pictures on the wall, a diary of a hooker which talked about the recording of sex tapes and a hooker ABOUT to give one of the bosses head, there is no sexual content. Cj is right about all the instances of nudity and sex appearing in the game. The whole BJ occurs during the graphic novel, and that one scene can just be skipped over and ignored. BTW, it isn't an about to become a bj, it is a bj. Listen closely to the slurping sounds in the backround Actually there was one portion of the graphic novel I believe that had a girl on her knees Mxx also end up starting the fight max the guy with his pants around his ankles.

Yoda posted as I was composing my post. Payne think the fact that there is strong violence well it max SOF but It seems odd that payne one would care about the sex content in a game where you go around blowing people away. But anyways, I dont remember much, maax an odd picture on a magazine too small to see anything of an ass, and some women in bikinis, etc. Other than that theres almost nothing other then the fore mentioned hooker thing.

Killing nax Remember kids Payne can kill in the name of god, but ya sex fuck max the name of god. Some people are assholes He asked for an answer to max question, not for some deeper meaing of life. Who gives a flying fuck why he cares about the sexual content over the violence content, he just does.

Now go play Tomb Raider with a nekkid patch or something. I can't believe how out of hand this thread got. I don't see how Payne was lecturing you, omnedon, but if you chose not to see the smiling face that's fine with me. As for the people who Sex lecture payne, why do max have to go so far with it? I made an offhand comment. Why blow the whole thing out of proportion? No offense taken RMSzero. I was futilely it seems trying to keep this thread on topic.

Thanks to all of sex who respected my right to ask paynf question. Those who didn't I did not know whether or not the demo was indicative of the level of sexual content in swx game. I do now. Mods, please lock this thread. Omnedon: Since you started the thread you should be able to lock it yourself.

No need to wait on the mods. I capped a guy with his pants pzyne around his sex I don't remember that, nor do I remember any explicit sexual content, and only very little innuendo. As a gamer who is also a parent, I personally loved Max Payne but don't think it's suitable for impressionable kids.

Especially, I think that combining sex and violence is damaging to emerging sexuality. Leave it to us adults who are able to discern the difference. Kudos to omnedon for his concerns.

Max Payne comes with parental or similar controls. It's on the main menu of the real game. I have an 8yr old that plays it. The Zy. As has been previously posted jax regulars, the GF is not for preaching on morality in general, only as it pertains to gaming.

This thread has pretty well run its course, and at the author's request it is being locked. Max Payne Sexual Content? Kevin Lowe. Eh, Yoda, I wasn't paying too much attention to the slurping sounds. Mods please lock this thread. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Posted: Sex Sep 09, pm. Posted: Mon Sep 10, am. Pavv Ars Praefectus Tribus: Now? Registered: Nov 29, Posts: Posted: Mon Sep 10, pm. Posted: Tue Sep 11, am.

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Title: Max Payne 3 Genre: Action Developer: Rockstar Studios Publisher: Rockstar Games Release Date: 1 Jun ESRB: M (Blood and. Severe; If Max Payne 3 () was a movie, the game would be Rated R for strong Also men and women have sex in different positions; this is seen from a​. Max Payne moves around a brothel, where pictures of semi-nude ladies can be kneeling below a man (implying that they are having oral sex), but off screen.