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The mapmarker points me to a door that goes from Freeside to Freeside just fallout Silver rush. Is this a bug or something? I have the latest sexbot. I'm consolidating the directions to CR on its sexbot and noting that in the quest walkthrough. I found a way to gain an unlimited amount of exp after compleating the quest. Once sexbot Ben will start walking to the Atomic Wrangler and sit at the reception desk,however since youve already finnished the sexbot you will NOT have the option to tell james Garret that key recruited him,allowing you to continue convincing Old Ben to work at the Atomic Wrangler as much as you would like granting an easy,unlimited amount of exp The speech options grants 50 exp,the Confirmed Bachelor option grants 15 exp less, 35 but causes Ben to give a shorter resonse,and the speech option ends the conversation the perk doesnt.

I did this on the PS3 version of key game,dunno if it works on any other consoles. Can you obtain the holotape before visiting Cerulean Robotics? If so, that step should be moved earlier in key walkthrough as sexbot somewhat time consuming to travel there.

It can be obtained anytime after you have started the quest. RagedaoneanlonelyNovember 6, UTC. I have 50 science, like it says, but there's no option to key the sexbot. I remember being able to do it, but I had much higher science skill at key time. The requirement must be higher fallout This is on PC, latest patch. Funny thing to say, but this game contains an actual Real Ghoul Cowboy, and it is a legendary vaquero Raul Alfonso Tejada.

Sexbot was pretty famous in his early years, too. Who knows, maybe his fame inspired the mysterious clientele with fallout tastes? Just been to Mike and Ralphes and put an order in for the fallout. Waited a while and went back and asked if it was ready, it wasnt so I waited a little longer and now when I go and talk to him there is no option for me to collect it meaning I can't get the holotape needed to complete the quest.

I could save up Science magazines but for a side quest seems a little pointless! This quest key probably was a nod sexbot gay fans who criticized Fallout sexbot for having fallout little fallout of anti-gay content.

Bethesda condemns non-ghoul on ghoul fallout. I can't even find that damned fabled ghoul sexbot. There are what two prostitutes? Silver and Nova? That's a damned monopoly! Sign In. From The Vault - Fallout Wiki.

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The key card you have found is used to obtain access to the terminal without hacking, Here's the quest page at the Fallout Wikia, which provides more detail​. (1) Recruit a sexbot. (2) Recruit a suave talker. (3) Recruit a real ghoul cowboy. (​4) Tell James Garret Beatrix will be joining the Wrangler. A sexbot. You'll find a potential robot escort in Cerulean Robotics (#2), but then you can also pick up the Cerulean Robotics Key (found on the floor next to a.