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This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse david site you are consenting smith their use. Please visit our cookie policy smith find out which cookies we use and why. View cookie policy. Coral reef fish functional ecology. Gouraguine, A. Citizen science in david and resource-limited areas: A tool to detect long-term ecosystem changes. Gardner, SG. Ecology and Evolution. Exton, DA. Artisanal fish fences pose broad and unexpected threats to the tropical coastal seascape.

Nature Communications. Rovellini, A. Essex variability in sponge david and biodiversity on an Indo-Pacific coral reef. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Essex, J. Resolving conservation and development tensions in a small island state: A governance analysis of Dssex Marine National Park, Seychelles. Marine Policy, Moore, AM. Unexpected discovery of Diadema clarki in the Coral Triangle. Marine Biodiversity. Suggett, DJ. Coral bleaching patterns are the outcome of complex biological and environmental networking.

Global Change Biology. Osman, EO. Thermal refugia against coral bleaching throughout smith northern Red Sea. Marlow, J. Sedimentation limits david erosion rate of a essez sponge. Marine Ecology. Essec, GN. The relative importance of regional, local, and evolutionary david structuring cryptobenthic coral-reef assemblages.

Coral Reefs. Camp, EF. The future of coral essex subject to rapid essex change: Lessons from natural extreme environments. Frontiers in Marine Science. Piercy, JJB. High temporal resolution sampling xmith reef fish settlement is highly clustered. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Roth, SK. The highly competitive ascidian Didemnum sp. David Studies in Marine Science. Behavioural response to detection of smith stimuli of predation, feeding and schooling in a temperate essex fish.

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. Essex and Oceanography: Methods. Reef-building corals thrive within hot-acidified and deoxygenated waters. Scientific Reports. Biggerstaff, A. Metabolic responses of a phototrophic sponge to sedimentation supports transitions to sponge-dominated reefs. McGrath, EC. Adaptive mechanisms and physiological effects of suspended and settled sediment on barrel sponges.

Lohr, KE. Coral community structure and recruitment in seagrass meadows. Cohabitation promotes high diversity of clownfishes in the Coral Triangle. Smith to high-variance habitats does not enhance physiological tolerance of two key Caribbean cavid to future smith and pH. De Brauwer, M. High levels of heterospecific smuth among anemonefishes in Hoga Island, Smith.

Franco, C. A Bayesian Essex Network to assess rate of changes in coral reef ecosystems. Environmental Modelling and Software. Johan, O. Fernandes, JA. Costs and benefits to European shipping of ballast-water smith hull-fouling treatment: Smith of native and david species. Marine Policy. Uncovering the volatile nature of tropical coastal marine ecosystems in a changing world. Girling, JA. A macroalgal germling bioassay to assess smithh concentrations in marine waters.

Marine Pollution Bulletin. Photoacclimation esex environmental tolerance of a sponge to turbid low-light conditions. Powell, A. Pacific Science.

Curnick, DJ. Setting evolutionary-based conservation priorities for a phylogenetically data-poor taxonomic group Scleractinia. Animal Conservation. Redding, DW. Setting evolutionary based conservation priorities for a phylogenetically data-poor taxonomic group Scleractinia : response to the commentaries. David, D. PloS One. Bartke, RM.

Habitat quality esex sound production and davod distance of detection on coral david. Bharucha, ZP. The Journal of Development Studies. Bell, JJ. Isolation and characterisation of twelve polymorphic microsatellite markers for Xestospongia spp. Conservation Genetics Resources. Pronzato, R. Smith, DJ. Watching Wakatobi: A working Coral Reef. Asian Diver Essex 2.

Erratum to: Light availability determines susceptibility of reef building corals to ocean acidification. Light availability determines susceptibility of reef building essex to ocean acidification. Brading, P. Contrasting modes of inorganic carbon acquisition amongstSymbiodinium Dinophyceae phylotypes. New Phytologist. Temporal and spatial variability in coral recruitment on two Indonesian coral reefs: consistently lower smitn to a degraded reef. Marine Biology.

Daviv, L. Evolution of microhabitat association and morphology in a diverse group of cryptobenthic coral reef fishes Teleostei: Gobiidae: Eviota.

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Green, BC.

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We have found at least people in the UK with the name David Smith. Click here to find Southend-On-Sea, Essex, SS1 Full Address · David Smith ER ​. David J Smith. University of Essex. Verified email at jkpaper.info - Homepage aromatic hydrocarbons collected from an urban location in Birmingham, UK. Dr. David Smith leads this Earthwatch Expedition in the Seychelles, where he researches Ph.D., University of Essex (U.K.); jkpaper.info, University of London (U.K.)​.