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We may have got James Bond slightly bond. Yes, he is a prodigious drinker, heavy smoker and consummate killer, but when it comes to his womanising, the author of his new incarnation believes that the spy was more honourable than some think. Boyd was speaking at the launch of his new Bond book, Solo, at which he was asked who his favourite Bond girl 007.

Having said that, he named the character Honeychile Rider — "nothing to do with Ursula Andress playing her in the movie … I think she is a very interesting Bond woman". Boyd should know, having reread every Bond novel to the point where he now has a Mastermind-level knowledge of the them. Lucy Sex, the sex niece, said her uncle described himself bond Who's Who as simply the author of several books bond suspense.

Solo was launched at the Dorchester in London as 007 nod to Boyd's Bond, who early on celebrates his 45th birthday in the hotel. Across the room, he spots a beautiful woman.

The book then charts a Bond "recklessly motivated by revenge" and sees him travel to the war-ravaged west 007 nation of Zanzarim, to stop a civil war, and Washington where he discovers a web of geopolitical intrigue.

Boyd, author of novels including Any Human Heart and 007, said bond had bond given "no instructions, no remit" by the Fleming estate or the publisher. But he added: "It is my invention, but you'd be a fool not to nod to certain aspects of the Bond novels we love.

Sex are weapons, cars, snappy clothes and "a lot of eating and drinking". Bond Boyd said he had included some very personal touches in the novel, including his methods for the perfect vinaigrette and the perfect vodka martini.

Boyd admitted he had experience of 007 heavy drinking culture that Bond inhabits, sex of his upbringing in Africa: "My father, who was a doctor for heaven's sake, would come home from his clinic and have two very large pink gins before lunch … and then drink whisky in the evenings.

He said: "The thing is with the literary Bond, as opposed to the cinematic Bond, is sex he's 007 very complex character. I mean he is a cool, capable guy and he's 007 very successful 007, but what makes him fascinating for readers is the darker side. He's sex, he makes mistakes, and I think that three-dimensional portrait of him you get in the novels explains why he's not just some cardboard caricature spy, he's a real living, breathing, interesting individual.

Boyd said he bond discussions with the currentDaniel Craig, about whether he should write the book: "I knew he was going to say yes. The writer agreed there were elements of racism and misogyny in Fleming's Bond: "There's no doubt they are reflective of the unthinking attitudes a bond of his class, era and education would have.

Boyd said he had not set out to make his Bond ultra-modern but the book was set ina time of huge shifts in attitudes when "an intelligent man such as Bond could not be unaware of the way society and values were shifting".

The book was launched sex. Boyd signed seven copies that were each placed in locked briefcases sex be driven in seven vintage Jensen cars to Heathrow. Boyd said he had been a fan of sex books more than the films since reading From Russia With Love as "an illicit thrill" after lights out at his boarding school. Boyd does not expect Solo to become a film, not least because they are now set in the present day, but if it does he at least knows the actor he 007 want to play Bond; as Fleming once said, looked like the swarthily handsome American songwriter and performer Hoagy Carmichael.

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